The last train to the moon - Poems of Edina Barna

Edina Barna

Words alone can not make a poem if they are not accompanied by emotions that pierce the soul and ravage the spirit – leaving you weak in the knees and yet unsatisfied, desirous of more. A poet’s eye is like a camera which can capture emotions through words. Edina Barna has tried to master the art of the unspoken, her words are felt rather than merely read and when the poems are complemented by the photographs that have been taken by Edina herself, they weave a spell so potent that none can escape it’s mesmerizing aftereffects.
These poems are like the shimmer magic of the ocean and the caressing touch of dawn air. The makings of a poet of unparalleled excellence are evident in her lines,
The soul doesn't know the distance,
it is just a mind`s perception...
Which are reminiscent of Pablo’s “And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.”  Love, pain and separation are the major themes which come alive through these poems and photographs of Edina Barna.  

The longest distance


I remembered the distance of that three stairs
as you were standing there at the door
and I just looked up
between us our dear friends said farewell
you just beckoned to me
I just soundlessly said 'bye'
but then, there on the second stair
we embraced each other

A non-poem


I will not write about it,
but it not means that
I wanna forget you.

I will not write about you,
but it not means that
I don't wanna remember it.

It is our memory...
whatever was that...

The handa ghara*


You look at me
and just see a dull handa ghara
but no, this is not me
this is just the scale and
this red color is the iron
please believe on me...
please purify me...
and still you can see yourself in me...
*mirror polished stainless vessel for water


From dawn till morning


Hello, here is a totally tangled soul
What is happening now?
The shimmer magic of the ocean?
The caressing touch of dawn air?
I can`t ask you directly ...
But I wait for your answer...
Why do I wake up every morning
with the same song in my heart?
Do you remember whether
when we lost the grey reality?
It not depends on where...
It depends on with who...
The soul doesn't know the distance,
it is just a mind`s perception...

What to do?


twisted souled thorn sits in my sole
it doesn't know
where to go
if stays - it's hurt, if leaves - it's pain also

You freed me
You freed me and I became your prisoner
You kept silent and I lose in your thoughts
You approached but then, I was far
You knocked but then, I had already moved

Last train


and as the day came, same way left
recovered quickly his scattered pieces
hid the spices and the spoon in his pocket
washed his face
and ran to reach
the last train
to the moon


You left me


you left me
and damaged the last happines of Christmas
you left me
and gave me the endless repent
you left me
and I couldn't tell you
you left me
before we could be friends
you just left
your last breath in the cold ward
you just left
all of your clothes in the cupboard
you left me
you left me
you left me


My name is Edina Barna. I am from the European Union.
I’m designer, photographer, event-manager and media image consultant for corporate branding projects for national and international clients. 
I write / translate poems, prose and movie dialogue.
I collaborate with Indian artists, magazines and companies For example book/magazine cover editing, book illustration works, logo editing etc.
I publish my writings too. (*E*B*)
I’m the owner of EdinArts which performs complex designer and event projects. 

EdinArts has existed since when I stepped upon the land of India for the first time. I won a scholarship from Government of India under ITEC plan which enabled me to undergo a 3 month web designer course from a top international institution. 

I am a member of Kritya Foundation (Kerala). I work with them at the International Poetry Festival as designer, event-manager and I was a guest reader also at young poet corner session. 

My next plan is to organize my photo exhibition when I will return to India.

(most writings available just fb friend list members)

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  1. Thank you for weaving a tapestry of poetry into the deepest human emotions.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.



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