नटई तक माड़ भात खाने वाली लड़की और बूढ़ा लेखक : युवा कथाकार शिवेंद्र की कहानी

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       मारकेज़ के जादुई यथार्थवाद के बारे में कथाकार प्रियदर्शन अपने एक आलेख मे लिखते हैं , “मारक़ेज़ वह क्या करते हैं कि उनके छूते ही जा...

क्यों नहीं कह सकते - माइ चॉइस? - रश्मि भारद्वाज

देह मेरी , मेरा दिमाग , मैं चुनूंगी मैं चुनूंगी अपनी पसंद के लिबास तब भी मेरी आत्मा रह सकती है निर्वस्त्र मैं चुनूंगी मे...

Our Goodreads Bookshelf

Our Bookshelf

एक अतिरिक्त 'अ'
it was amazing
tagged: indian, loved-it, and meraki
वक्त के होंठों पर एक प्रेम गीत
it was amazing
A rare find indeed and a fortunate one too....I'm not really into Hindi books and except for a few well known authors, I don't even try and experiment.But this one came highly recommended and although I had a few misgivings in the beginn...
tagged: indian, poetry, loved-it, and meraki
really liked it
tagged: meraki, to-read, and new-books
Lemon Girl
really liked it
Lemon Girl – A Journey of self discovery Arsh’s story begins with “Watch out, Lemon Girl” and ends with “Watch out, Nirvi” and between these two statements Jyoti Arora has managed to fit a lifetime of emotions – love, hope, despair, hate...
tagged: meraki, new-books, india-challenge-2015, indian, loved-it, and roma...
Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished
really liked it
tagged: indian, loved-it, and meraki
The Fountainhead
it was amazing
Follow your heart or follow everyone else's lead and do what pleases the public....the book has chosen to answer this question that every generation has faced. This is a very beautifully written book that every person should read at leas...
tagged: classics, loved-it, and meraki
Tell a Thousand Lies
liked it
tagged: indian and meraki
really liked it
Thanks Indian Readers for making me pick up this book....Awesome is an understatement. A critical analysis on Mahabharata, I haven't read a more intriguing book in my life....This book makes you think!!!!
tagged: indian and meraki
Ladies Coupe
really liked it
tagged: loved-it and meraki
The Castle
tagged: to-read and meraki

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